Erasmus J. Allton Civil War Letters

Kingston Georgia May 21st 1-64

Well Catharine, this day finds us in the state of Georgia at a little town called Kingston.  We are now with our corps, Divis. and Brig. and are camped about 8 miles from Joe. Johnsons army but are not fighting. All is quiet. We arrived here yesterday and we are enjoying as good health as usual. The air is very warm but we are camped in the woods and enjoy ourselves very well. We expect to be fighting before this reaches you, for the rebs are in Georgia too, and quite a force of them at that. The army has had to fight its way home and a part of the time, very hard indeed, for the rebs were in very strong fortifications, but they had to light out.

We are now within forty miles of Atlanta Ga. Everything looks flourishing here[.] peach trees are as full as they can hang with peaches and they are as large as partridge eggs. The woods are perfectly green and the fields the same and corn is six inches high.  Peas are in blossom and so ar[e] potatoes. Tennessee is the place for me. Even the rose bushes are in full bloom. Catharine I wish I was tonight with you as I was this night two weeks ago. I would enjoy myself a great deal better than I do now. I am as well as usual and hope these few lines will find you as well as when I last saw you. Write soon and direct Co. D.  30th Regt.   O.V.V.I. 2nd Brig 2nd Divis. 15th A. C.  No more but remain your true lover

                                                                        E. J. Allton

                                                                        Catharine Shick      Farewell