Erasmus J. Allton Civil War Letters

August the 19th, 1860

My dear and lovely Catharine I once more take the opportunity of sitting down to write a few lines to you. My dear I have been reading those beautiful letters which you, my fair one, have written in times past in times that I your true lover shall never suffer to be forgotten[.] My fair one I can not tell you the trouble the heart rending thoughts I experienced during those times have gone into eternity and I am still living to enjoy your company which I dearly love. And to think of the Sufferings your mind has gone through and all on my account makes me feel to love you with my whole heart. I love you beyond control you are to me more dear than any other on earth. I wish I was back with you in Perry County engaging myself with beholding your beautiful form and hearing your lovely voice which is more music to me than many instruments[.] I am by myself today no person within a half a mile of me[.] all have gone to church and I in a shady grove writing this letter[.] you are still on my mind asleep or awake. I hope it will not be many days before I see you again which as my souls desire I will be at home in one week from this day so write me a letter and direct it to: Oakfield Perry County Ohio so no more at present[.] But remain your true and ugly lover. E.J. Allton

To Miss Catharine Shick

Farewell I will quit writing and view and kiss your beautiful likeness.

My dear Catharine, Write soon and direct to Oakfield Perry C. Ohio

Very simple but true