18 October 1862 Letter

Erasmus J. Allton Civil War Letters

Clarksburgh West Va

October 18th 1862

Well Catharine thinking that you would love to hear from me again I will write you a few lines to let you know how we are getting along. I have been sick for the last 20 days and have been unit for duty but I am about well again but still weak but I am gaining strength slowly[.] the rest of the Co. is well except bad colds which have been brought on by exposure otherwise the men are healthy. Catharine I have not received a letter from you for about a month and I think it a long time[.] I feel lonesome since the late battles for my brother has been taken from me and his body lies beneath a small apple tree on South Mt. He was killed in the battle of South Mt. on the 14th of Sept. He was shot through the head and since he has been taken away I have felt lonesome but Catharine I trust that all is right. We camped near the battle field until the 8th of Oct. when we left and after marching 3 days and after marching 43 miles we arrived at a little town called Hancock on the 10th and stayed there until the 12th when our brigade was ordered into Pennsylvania to catch a body of rebel cavalry that had gone there but after our brigade had got about 9 miles in that state they heard that there was a body of our men in ahead of them so our men camped for the night and the next day returned to camp and got on the ______ and started for Cumberland and got there the next day by daylight[.] We laid there on the cars that day and that night and the next morning start for this place and arrived here in the night. We are now camped here but do not know how long we will stay here. While we were lying at Cumberland Jesse Gruber was out of the ______ on the truck when some body was on the hill above him rolled a strong down the hill an it struck him on the head between the ear and the crown and cut a hole in his head so that his brains ran out it has been some 4 or 5 days since this happened and he is living yet but the doctor says that he cannot live long. Jesse Gruber belong[s] to our Co. and lives in New Lexington. Thus Catharine you see that we are surrounded by dangers let us be where we will. I would like to see you and have a few hours talk with you but there is no chance yet. I want you to write soon and direct to me Co. D. 30th Rgt. O.V. I. Scammons Brig. and _____ divisions by way of Clarksburgh. Remember me Catharine as you are remembered by me[.]

no more       farewell

E.J. Allton

Catharine Shick