Erasmus J. Allton Civil War Letters

Larkinsville Alabama

January 17th A.D. --64

Well Catharine, I suspect that you begin to think that I have entirely forgotten you for it has been some time since I have written to you. The reason is, we were continually moving from one place to another and this is the third time that we have fixed up for the winter, so that we have not had much time to write to anybody. We are now in our winter quarters but how long we will stay in them I can not tell, but we are at rest for the present. Our health is good and we have plenty to eat. We are guarding a portion of the Memp[h]is and Charleston R.R. Our camp is on this road and we are close to a little town called Larkinsville and is in the State of Alabama. The climate [is] very warm here so that I am now sweating[.] we have had no snow yet. The earth was frozen a little once or twice and the citizens said they never had as cold weather here before. We don[‘]t have much rain now although we have a great deal of cloudy weather. I have the pleasure of seeing some of the Alabama ladies nearly every day and I have the first good looking lady yet to see and their men are about as hard looking as the ladies. I have received two letters from you lately and I am looking for another for I am lonesome without your letters and feel disappointed when the mail comes and brings me no letter from you. It is about roll call and I will have to stop writing this time. When I write again I have more time to write and more to write[.] I hope this will reach you and find you well and happy. Write soon and direct to me as soon as you conveniently can Co D. 30 O.V.I. 2nd Brig. 2nd Divis. 15th A.C. via Nashville Tenn




This is an awkward fix up but I am very awkward any how, let it pass for this time.


 Catharine Catharine Catharine