Erasmus J. Allton Civil War Letters

Barracks No. 2 Nashville Tenn.

May 15th  64

Well Catharine, thinking that you would like to know where we are, and what we are doing, I will write and inform you. We are, as you see by the date of this letter, at Nashville. We arrived here yesterday about 2 o’clock, and we expect to leave this evening at five. We do not enjoy ourselves as well now as we did when at home. We are not surrounded by friends near and dear to us, neither do we enjoy the well spread table, or rest on downy beds of ease. Nothing but bread and coffee and a little salt bacon and that rationed out to us. We think of all at home and your comfortable situations and wish we were back again to participate with you in your comfort. But not yet. A little while longer and then we hope to meet you all again, but not to part until death shall separate us. If the Eastern army proves successful, as I hope it may, the war cannot last longer than this summer. There is no one more anxious for a termination of this war than E. J. I want to be at home, not for thirty days but for lifetime, and I think the day is not far distant when we shall meet again, with the happy knowledge of living an undisturbed life the balance of our few days on earth. I want you to write as often as you conveniently can and give me all the principle news that is going about. 

Write and direct to me Co. D. 30th Regt, O.V.V.I. 2nd Brig. 2 Divis. 15th A, Co _____ Nashville Tenn.

I think of you often, Catharine and shall love you as long as life lasts.  remember me as yours only,

Erasmus J. Allton

Catharine Shick