Erasmus J. Allton Civil War Letters

Camp Sutton
December 15th 1861
My dear Catharine I am writting in haste for we are a going to leave here on the 17th of this month and we are going about 90 miles farther from you instead of getting any closer to home. We are a going to Fayettsville and it will be some time before I can get a chance to write to you again and I thought I would take this privilege to let you know that we were a going to bid farewell to Sutton and enter the ____ army. I would like very much to have seen you before we went any further south but I wil not get the chance for we are going south 90 mile farther south at this time and I don't know how much farther we will go. But let us go where we will over this wide world I shall not forget thee no never forget you as I love you as I never can love again. I still have your likeness with me yet which I love to view here in this lonesome part of the world. I still think of you daily and dream of you at night and often do. I wish that I was by your side once more to hear your low whispers and to hear your merry laugh but Catharine that cannot be for awhile maybe not for years but I still hope that it will be before many months. I have never been away from home for four months which is the longest period of time that I have been from home at once in my life. One company went out the other day and caught three rebels and five horses and they shot the men. One of the men that they shot begged most pittiffully for them to have mercy on him and not kill him but Catharine his cries were in vain for they shot him 8 times and split his his head with a sword or cheese knife as they call it. Catharine I would like to write some more to you but the boys are cutting up so high that I cannot write so that you can read what I have written. I want you to write as soon as this reaches you and direct to E.J. Allton in care of Capt Fowler Co. D. 30th Regt. O. V. R. U. S. A. with these few lines I will bring my letter to a close asking you to remember me as your true and affectionate lover.
E.J. Allton
Miss Catharine Shick
The union forever
E.J. Allton
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