13 January 1862 Letter

Erasmus J. Allton Civil War Letters

Camp Union Western Va.
January 13th 1862
Ever of Thee
Ever of thee I am fondly dreaming
Thy gentle voice my spirit can hear
Thou went the star that mildly beaming
Shone oer my path when all was dark and dreary
Sill in my heart they form I cherish
Every kind thought like in spirit flies to thee
Oh! Oh! till life and memory furnish
Can I forget how dear thou ist to memory
Morn noon and night wherever I may be
Fondly I am ever dreaming of thee
____ of thee when I am sad and lonely
Wandering a far my souls joyed to dwell
Ah then I felt I loved thee only
All seemed to fade before afflictions spell
Years have not chilled the love I cherish
You're as the stars hath my heart been to thee
Oh! Oh! Even till life and memory perish
Can I forget how dear thou ist to memory
Morn noon and night whenever I be
Fondly I am ever dreaming of thee
E.J. Allton Fayetteville 
These few lines which I have written on the first page are the feelings of my eart, my love, and I am ever lonesome on account of you. I feel as though I would give most any anything to see you again. I am totally homesick although I do not want you to think I am sorry that I ever volunteered but I sincerely wish tht the war was over and I with you to part no more until death separated us. It is now within one day of being five month since I last saw you and it seems like so many years. My love it is now about 10 o,clock in the night the boys are all in bed and I am alone writing to you. Since I last wrote to you the most of our company has been sick. We have taken as high as 21 to the hospital in one day and some of them came very near dying. My brother has been very ick but i getting better. There are from one to two buried here every day but none of our company. I am very well and hearty and about as fleshy as I ever was in my life, my weight being 180 pounds so that I have gained in weight about 25 lbs. So that you see I have very good health at the present. But my dear, I cannot tell you how long I shall enjoy this blessing for some of our boys were as hearty as myself one day and the next look like death and so weak that could not get about, so that we may be well today and unable to help ourselves the next. We are still at Fayetteville. The last time I wrote to you we were ready to leave when the news came that the battle was over and we were not needed and it saved us of about a hundred miles march for we were going to Kentucky and it would have been a hard march on us in the fix the roads are in.
Catharine it is now getting late and I must close my simple but truthful letter hoping that these few lines will find you well and cheerful and I hope you will write soon for I have only received 3 letters from you yet and I would like to hear from you once more[.] Write. My love, and direct to E.J. Allton in care of Capt. J.W. Fower Co. D. 30th Regt. O.V.U.S.A. Fayetteville Western Va.
Catharine I still remain your affectionate love.      E.J. Allton
Miss Catharine Shick
Mcluney Station
We have not got one cent of pay yet from the government and I don't know whether we woul know money if we was to see it for it has been a great while since I have seen any money. Copy the verses and burn this letter for I am ashamed of it. burn. the letter