Erasmus J. Allton Civil War Letters

Camp at East Point, Sept. 10th 1864

Well Catharine, after so long a time I am again permitted to write you a few lines to let you know how we are getting along.  Our campaign is ended at last and we are in camp and busy fixing up for a short rest.  We have at last captured Atlanta and drove the rebels about 20 miles beyond the city.  We were at Jonesborough Ga, but fell back within six miles of Atlanta at a place called East Point and we are now camped at the junction of the Macon and Montgomery R.R.  Our health is very good at present and we are very glad that the campaign has ended for we were nearly worn out I assure you, for we have had a siege now of four months, and we are very willing to rest awhile.  On the 31st day of Aug. the rebs charged on the 15 corps again and as usual they were beaten back with heavy loss for the field was covered with the dead and wounded [,] our loss was very light.  We succeeded in driving them from the town of Jonesborough and after destroying all their military stores we fell back to where we now are.  We have a very nice camp and the cars* run through to this place so that we have plenty of everything.  Old Hood is a badly whipped man and I think that he is afraid of Sherman for when we fell back from Jonesborough, he sent cavalry in every direction to find out where Sherman had gone to[.] he was afraid that he was coming in his rear again.

I received your kind letter of the 16th I believe and was glad to hear that you were well and also that your brother’s health was improving.  I hope that this will find you well and hearty and well contented. I would like to see you now but I guess there is no chance at present. I want you to write of often for I love to hear from one who is so dear to me.  Direct to me Co. D, 30th Reg, O.V.I., 1st Brig, 2nd Divis. 15 A. C, Sherman’s army.  You are remembered by me, your lover  E. J. Allton

Catharine Shick,


P.S. I will try to give you a short history of our campaign in my next letter, for it is now dark and I must close.  Yours truly,

E. J. A.
P. S. C.


Transcription Note:

*refers to train cars