Letter Allowing for Release of Surgeons Captured in the Valley, Spring of 1862

What is important about this document? This document set up the release of medical officers as men who should not be held as prisoners of War. While not universally adopted, it shows a step in the direction of full recognition of surgeons as non-combatants to be held as such.

Winchester, Va May 31, 1862

We surgeons and assistant surgeons, United States Army, now prisoners of war in this place do give our parole of honor on being unconditionally released to report in person, singly or collectively, to the Sec. of War as such and our best efforts that the same number of medical officers of the Confederate States Army now prisoners or may hereafter be taken be released on the same terms. And furthermore we will on our honor use our best efforts to have this principle established -- the unconditional release of all medical officers taken prisoners of war hereafter.


J.Burd Peale, Brigade Surgeon, Bleckner's Division

J.J. Johnson, Surgeon 27th Indiana Vols.

Francis Leland, Surgeon 2nd Massachusetts Vols.

Philip Adolphus, Asst. Surgeon USA

Lincoln R. Stone, Asst. Surgeon 2nd Mass. Vols.

Josiah F. Day, Jr. Assistant Surgeon 10th Maine Vols.

Evelyn L. Bissell, Asst. Surgeon 5th Connecticut Vols.


Hunter McGuire
Medical Director
Army of the Valley, C.S.

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