Making Steel and Killing Men

An article written by William Hard in the November 1907 issue of Everybody's Magazine contained this pictoral essay.

General View of Blast Furnaces: the furnaces show fairly on the left. In the rounded structures is heated the air afterwards driven through the furnaces.
A Rail- Mill in Operation: The white streaks which so vividly in the foreground are hot rails.
Casting-Floor of a Blast Furnace: The tapping- hole is under the big pipe in the center. The very white place on the floor is molten iron flowing from the tapping-hole across the casting-floor to the ladles.
The Interior of a Plate-Mill: The picture was taken by the company's photographer just after one of the plates had fallen on a man's foot.
The Pouring- Floor or Pit in the North Open Hearth Mill: The furnaces are on the right. The pouring-stand is on the left. It was on this floor that Ora Allen lost his life. The travelling crane, operated by his brother, may be seen overhead.
"Hot Tamales:" Massive steel ingots being transferred inside the yard by a dinky engine on a narrow-gauge track.