Frederick Sims Lewie

Frederick Sims Lewie
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Frederick Sims Lewie was born on August 13, 1831 to Samuel Lewey (Lewie) and his wife, Nancy Hendrix Lewie. He was married twice. His first wife was Rachel Elizabeth Leaphart to whom he was divorced. His second wife was Corrie S. Harth. There were no children from either marriage.

He studied medicine in Paris, France, and although a physician became a captain of infantry on August 16,1861 and immediately signed up volunteers for his unit which became Company C, the Lexington Rifles, of Col. William Davie DeSausaure�s Regiment. From the position of Captain he became major. He was severely wounded in the left side by shrapnel on July1864 while in Richmond.

He was elected to S. C. Senate in 1864 while at home on furlough. But in November 1864, he resume his leadership of the regiment of the S. C. 15th and was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel by the next month.

He was captured by the Union near Columbia as he attempted to slip through their lines to return
home for a visit following the death of both of his parents.

He served in the S.C.House of Representatives from 1865-1867.

>From History of Cedar Grove Community by J. Ansel Caughman,
"...at the beginning of the Civil War, he with Dr. F. S. Lewie, raised a company, which became Company 15, S.C. Regiment..."

pg. 187, In Silent Cities, A Tombstone Registry of Old Lexington District South Carolina VI, it says " This memorial of esteem and affection is
placed here by his loving sister Sarah A. and her husband Capt. D.J. Griffith."

Dr. Lewie died June 20, 1873 and is buried at St. James Lutheran Church, Summit, SC.


Lewie Bible in the possession of Hope Oswald Creasman, Asheville, NC

Correspondence with Benjamin L. Price, deceased of New York, N.Y.

F. S. Lewie�s Will made in Lexington District, State of SC, Recorded the 1st
day of July 1873

Miscellaneous Letters written by Corrie S Harth located at the Caroliniana
Library, Columbia, SC

St. James Lutheran Cemetery, Gilbert and Summit, SC.