5th SC Cavalry Regiment, CSA

5th SC Cavalry Regiment

Colonel Samuel W. Ferguson
Colonel John Dunovant
Lieutenant Colonel Robert J. Jeffords
Captain Zimmerman Davis

Regimental Roll and Officer Registers



Including the following predecessor units and organizations:
CPT Robert J. Jeffords' Co., 1st (Martin's) SC Mounted Militia,
CPT Wheeler G. Smith's Co., 1st (Martin's) SC Mounted Militia,
CPT Louis A. Whilden's Co. B St. James Mounted Riflemen,
CPT Joseph G. Harlan's Co. SC Cavalry,
14th (1st/2d) Battalion SC Cavalry,
17th (6th) Battalion SC Cavalry.

For it is a debt of justice to pay superior honors to men who have devoted their lives in fighting for their country, though inferior to others in every virtue but that of valor. Their last service effaceth all former demerits, it extends to the public; their private demeanors reached only to a few. ---Thucydides.


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