33rd Mississippi Infantry Regiment

33rd Mississippi Regiment, CSA

33rd Mississippi Infantry Regiment

Battleflag of the Mississippi 33rd Infantry Regiment
Photo by Fred Kimbrell


The 33rd Mississippi regiment was organized in early 1862. The initial regiment was comprised of:

Colonel, D. W. Hurst; Lieutentant-Colonel, W. B. Johnson; Major, J. L. Drake; Amite Defenders, First Lieut. Moses Jackson commanding; Cumberland Guards, Capt. A. R. Booth; Leake Rebels, Capt. R. J. Hall; Rebel Avengers, Capt. W. S. Warren; Holmesville Guards, Capt. J. T. Lamkin; Amite Guards, Capt. H. Morgan; Franklin Guards, Capt. R. R. Webb; Davis Guards, Capt. J. M. Tinnon; Mississippi Defenders, Capt. W. B. Johnson; Johnson Guards, Capt. R. O. Byrne. Whole number, including field and staff officers, 792 men.

In January 1863 the regiment was assigned to Featherston's Brigade, Loring's Division. It was consolidated into the 22nd Infantry Regiment in 1865.

Personal note: My great great great grandfather, Colonel Robert J. Hall, commanded the 33rd for a period but was transferred due to wounds received at the battle of New Hope Church, 1864. Captain Thomas Cooper, brother of my great great grandmother, later commanded the 33rd during the final battles for Tennessee and, along with his little brother Otho Singleton Cooper (33rd Mississippi Co. F), survived the war. Captain John Sharkey, brother of my great great great grandmother, served in the 33rd and died on the battlefield at Peach Tree Creek, July 20, 1864.

Field Officers:

Colonel David W. Hurst
Colonel Jabez L. Drake (killed at Peach Tree Creek)
Major Robert J. Hall (wounded at New Hope Church)
Major John Harrod
Lieut. Colonel William B. Johnson
Lieut. Colonel Charles P. Neilson

Captains: (incomplete)

Captain J. W. Sharkey (killed at Peach Tree Creek)
Captain Lamkin (killed at Peach Tree Creek)
Captain Herring (killed at Peach Tree Creek)
Captain Moses Jackson
Captain Thomas Cooper


Corinth, Ms.

Battles for Mississippi:
-Vicksburg Campaign
-Champion's Hill
-Jackson Siege
-Meridian Campaign

Defense of Atlanta, Georgia:
-New Hope Church
-Peach Tree Creek
-Ezra Church
-Atlanta Siege

Carolinas Campaign

Further Reading on the 33rd Mississippi:

Letter from the Atlanta Trenches- Matthew Andrew Dunn, 33rd Mississippi, Co. K. A tragic letter describing the battles of Peach Tree Creek, Atlanta, and Ezra Church during the defense of Atlanta.

Letter of Consolation to the widow of Matthew Dunn- John C. Wilkinson, 33rd Mississippi, Co. K. An elegant letter written after Matthew Dunn was killed at the battle of Franklin, Tn. Thanks to Michael Pittman, MD, for the letter.

33rd Indiana at Peach Tree Creek- Claims that it was the 33rd Indiana, not the 26th Wisconsin, who captured the 33rd Mississippi battle flag. Many thanks to Dr. Bondurant for sending a copy of this letter.

Report of Capt. Moses Jackson, 33rd Mississippi, on operations July 20 1864- Formal report of the 33rd Mississippi on the Battle of Peach Tree Creek.


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This information appears courtesy of Rob Hall