First Louisiana Cavalry Regiment

First Louisiana Cavalry Regiment

Confederate States Army

The 1st. Louisiana Cavalry Regiment, C.S.A., sometimes referred to as "Scott's Cavalry Regiment," served with distinction and honor throughout the War Between the States and earned its "rite of passage" into American history.

This webpage is dedicated to the memory of my great-grandfather, Thomas J. McMichael, Private, Company A, Ed Moore Rangers, 1st Louisiana Cavalry Regiment, CSA, who served with honor and courage throughout the war, was wounded and later died from the wounds he received, and to the memory of all the troopers of the 1st. Louisiana Cavalry Regiment.

My Ancestors That Served the Cause

Regimental Staff and Companies

Short History of Regiment

Campaigns and Engagements

Muster Roll of Company A:
"Ed Moore Rangers"

Muster Roll of Company B:
"Baton Rouge Rangers"

Muster Roll of Company C:
"West Feliciana Parish"

Muster Roll of Company D:
"Rapides Raiders"

Muster Roll of Company E:
"Jackson Mounted Men"

Muster Roll of Company F:
"Concordia Parish"

Muster Roll of Company G:
"Creole Chargers"

Muster Roll of Company H:
"East Baton Rouge Parish"

Muster Roll of Company I:
"Morgan Rangers"

Muster Roll of Company K:
"Louisiana Dragoons"

Muster Roll of Capt. Robinson's Louisiana Horse Artillery

Anyone having questions, suggestions, corrections, or follow up information on the 1st. Louisiana Cavalry Regiment, please contact me. Also, anyone having personal documents, papers, diaries, etc., of troopers of the Regiment, please contact me.

I would like to personally thank my dear cousin, Ms. Inez Callaway of Baton Rouge, Louisiana for the wealth of information that she has furnished me that has been so instrumental in my research.

---Thomas C. Cardwell

* Proud member of Louisiana SCV; Gen. L. A. Stafford, Camp #358, Alexandria, Louisiana *

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