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[Microfiche editions are published in Civil War unit histories. Part 1, Confederate States of America and border states ; Bethesda, MD : University Publications of America, 1990]



2nd Alabama Light Artillery Battalion

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Jeff. Davis Artillery Battery


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State Artillery Battery


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Shockley's Alabama Escort Company


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2nd Alabama Cavalry Regiment


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3rd Alabama Cavalry Regiment


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4th Alabama Cavalry [Roddy's] Regiment


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4th Alabama Cavalry [Russell's] Regiment


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5th Alabama Cavalry Regiment



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7th Alabama Cavalry Regiment


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12th Alabama Cavalry Regiment


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25th Alabama Cavalry Battalion


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51st Alabama Cavalry Regiment [Partisan Rangers]


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53rd Alabama Cavalry Regiment [Partisan Rangers]


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1st Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi Infantry Regiment


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1st Alabama Infantry Regiment


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3rd Alabama Infantry Regiment


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4th Alabama Infantry Regiment


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5th Alabama Infantry Battalion


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5th Alabama Infantry Regiment


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6th Alabama Infantry Regiment


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8th Alabama Infantry Regiment


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9th Alabama Infantry Regiment


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10th Alabama Infantry Regiment


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11th Alabama Infantry Regiment


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12th Alabama Infantry Regiment


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13th Alabama Infantry Regiment


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14th Alabama Infantry Regiment


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15th Alabama Infantry Regiment


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16th Alabama Infantry Regiment


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17th Alabama Infantry Regiment


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18th Alabama Infantry Regiment


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19th Alabama Infantry Regiment


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20th Alabama Infantry Regiment


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21st Alabama Infantry Regiment


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23rd Alabama Infantry Battalion


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24th Alabama Infantry Regiment


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25th Alabama Infantry Regiment


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27th Alabama Infantry Regiment


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28th Alabama Infantry Regiment


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29th Alabama Infantry Regiment


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30th Alabama Infantry Regiment


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31st Alabama Infantry Regiment


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33rd Alabama Infantry Regiment


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34th Alabama Infantry Regiment


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35th Alabama Infantry Regiment


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36th Alabama Infantry Regiment


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37th Alabama Infantry Regiment

Albert Theodore

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38th Alabama Infantry Regiment


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40th Alabama Infantry Regiment


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41st Alabama Infantry Regiment


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43rd Alabama Infantry Regiment


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44th Alabama Infantry Regiment


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45th Alabama Infantry Regiment


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46th Alabama Infantry Regiment


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47th Alabama Infantry Regiment


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48th Alabama Infantry Regiment

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54th Alabama Infantry Regiment


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    55th Alabama Infantry Regiment


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    57th Alabama Infantry Regiment


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    59th Alabama Infantry Regiment


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    60th Alabama Infantry Regiment


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    61st Alabama Infantry Regiment


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    Hilliard's Legion


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    Law's Alabama Brigade


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