Record of Events - Company A, 49th Indiana Volunteers
(became Co. A 49 Indiana Infantry under Capt. Hawkes)

Information from Co. Muster Rolls on microfilm at National Archives, Washington D.C.

  • 21 Nov 1861  Mustered in at Jeffersonville, Indiana
  • 31 Dec 1861    Bardstown, Kentucky
  • Jan, Feb, 1862    Cumberland Ford, Kentucky
  • Mar, Apr, 1862    Camp Cumberland Ford, Kentucky
  • May, June, 1862    Camp Cotterill, Tennessee

            June 8th left Cumberland Ford, Ky. and marched to Bartourville- -a distance of 16 miles. Here we camped for three days and started for Tennessee on the 11th.  Kept up a continuous march for seven days during which time we traveled 130 miles over mountainous roads, heretofore considered entirely impossible for artillery and teams. In many instances we crossed Pine Mountain. We were compelled to lift wagons and artillery up ledges of rocks from 3 to 5 feet perpendicular. After a hard and fatiguing march, we occupied Cumberland Gap on the evening of 18th June, the enemy having evacuated.

  • July, Aug, 1862    Cumberland Gap, Tennessee
  • Sept, Oct, 1862    Red House, Virginia

            Left Cumberland Gap, Ky. Sept. 17, 1862 and relocated to Greenupsburg, Ky., Oct.2, 1862 having marched 200 miles. Remaining at Greenupsburg two days. The regiment crossed over the Ohio River and camped at Sciotoville, Ohio- -a distance of 10 miles.  Staying at Sciotoville four days, we took the cars to Portland, Ohio which place we reached Oct. 9, 1862- -traveling this time about 20 miles. Here we rested and drew clothing. We left Portland, Ohio Oct. 22, 1862 and started for Pt. Pleasant, Virginia- -a distance of 30 miles which we reached Oct. 24, 1862. We left Pt. Pleasant Oct. 26th and started for Red House, Virginia- - which palce we reached after three days marching- -having marched 30 miles. Here we were mustered again on the 31st of Oct.,1862.

  • Nov, Dec, 1862    Chickasaw Bayou, Mississippi

            Left Red House, Virginia. Oct. 1, 1862 and marched 10 miles ot Coalsmouth, Va..    Left Coalsmouth Oct 14, 1862 and marched to Pt. Pleasant, Va..  Embarked on board steamer "Nellie Rogers" and came to Cincinnati, Ohio- - a distance of 250 miles. Here we disembarked and embarked on steamer "Sunny Side" and started fro Memphis, Tenn. which we reached Nov 27, 1862- -a distance perhaps 1000 miles. Left Memphis, Tenn. Dec 20, 1862 on steamer "War Eagle" bound for Chickasaw Bayou, Miss. which we reached Dec 26, 1862- - having traveled perhaps 400 miles. Participated in the BATTLE near VICKSBURG on the 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th, and 31st of Dec 1862 which day we were again mustered for pay.

  • Jan, Feb, 1863    Young's Point, Louisiana

            Left the scene of action in near VICKSBURG, Miss. Jan 3, 1863 and embarked on board steamer "War Eagle" bound for the White and the Arkansas Rivers. Entered White River and ascended it about 20 miles where we entered Arkansas River by means of a cut off connecting the two rivers. Ascended Arkansas River about 20 miles. Disembarked and participated in the fight at ARKANSAS POST on the 10th and 11th of  Jan., 1863 at which place the Federal army gained a brilliant victory. Reembarked on board steamer "War Eagle" and came to Young's Point, La. Jan. 28, 1863 having traveled a distance of perhaps 700 miles. Here we again mustered for pay on the 28th day of Feb, 1863.

  • Mar, Apr, 1863    Bruensburg, Mississippi

            Left Young's Point, La. Mar.9, 1863 and embarked on board steamer John Wasner and disembarked at Milliken's Bend April 2, 1863. Traveled 30 miles to Smith's Plantation on the Mississipi River- -a distance 3 miles. Left James Plantation April 21, 1863. Traveled a distance of 6 miles to Perkin's Plantation.  Left Perkin's Plantation on the 24th of April. Marched toward HARD TIMES LANDING  building bridges, making roads and skirmishing with the enemy. Arrived at Hard Time landing, La. on the 27th of April- -a distance from Perkin's Plantation of 24 miles. On the morning of the 30th, embarked on the transports and barges and landed on the Mississippi Shore at Bruensburg.

  • April 10, 1863    Special Muster Roll Smith's Plantation Louisiana
  • May, June, 1863    Big Black River, Mississippi
  • July, Aug, 1863    Carrollton, Louisiana
  • Sept, Oct, 1863    New Iberia, Louisiana

            Left Carrollton, La. Sept.5, 1863 and came to Bay Baef, La. where we remained a few days. Then we marched to Brashear City, La.. Here we remained several days. Then we were marching to Opelousas, La., and returned again to Berwick City, L. where we again mustered for pay Oct. 31 1863.

  • Nov, Dec, 1863    Decroe's Point, Texas

            Left New Iberia, La. and marched to Berwick City, La.--a distance of perhaps 60 miles. From there we proceeded by rail to Algiers, La.--a distance of 80 miles. We left Algiers Dec.1, 1863 and came to Decroe's Point, Texas--a distance perhaps 600 miles. Here mustered for pay Dec 31, 1863.

  • Jan, Feb, 1864    Indianola, Texas
  • Mar, Apr, 1864    Alexandria, Louisiana

            March 1, 1864 in camp at Indianola, Texas. March 1 through 12 marched to Matagorda Island- -distance about 16 miles. Left there April 15 and came to New Orleans, La. April 23 and proceeded to Alexandria, La. and remained there till April 30, 1864.

  • May, June, 1864    Camp Chalmette, Louisiana

            Left Alexandria, La. May 11, 1864 and arrived at Camp Chalmette, La. June 22, 1864- -a distance of 300 miles.
            May 5, 1864 Marched from fortifications near Alexandria to Siaham's Plantation and back 10 miles skirmishing with the enemy and driving them. One man in Co. A severely wounded. May 6 and 7 skirmish with the enemy- -driving them. May 13, 1864 commenced retreating with the army from Alexandria arriving at Monganter, La. May 20, 1864.

            On the evening of June 21, 1864 embarked and arrived at this point (Camp Chalmette) on the evening of June 22, 1864.

  • July, Aug, 1864    Lexington Kentucky

            Left Camp Chalmette, La. July 2, 1864 and proceeded by way of the Mississippi River to Cairo, Illinois- -a distance of 1000 miles. Here we took the cars for Indianapolis, Ind. and arrived at the latter place July 9, 1864- -a distance from Cairo of 300 miles. Received a furlough for 30 days- -commencing July 13, 1864. Returned to Indianapolis, Ind. Aug. 13, 1864. On Aug. 24, 1864 left Indianapolis, Ind. and started for Lexington, Ky. which we reached Aug. 25, 1864. Then we were again mustered for pay Aug. 31, 1864.

  • Sept, Oct, 1864

            Left Lexington, Ky. Oct.15, 1864 and proceeded by rail to Louisville, Ky.- -a distance from Lexington 90 miles. Remained at Louisville one day and proceeded to Nashville, Tenn. by rail- -distance from Louisville 180 miles. Left Nashville Oct. 23 for Louisville, Ky. where we were again mustered Oct. 31, 1864.

  • Nov, Dec, 1864    Lexington, Kentucky

            Left Louisville, Ky. Nov 10, 1864 and proceeded to Lexington, Ky.- -distance 90 miles. Mustered for pay Dec. 31, 1864.

  • Jan, Feb, 1865    Lexington, Kentucky

            Last Mustered for pay at this place where we are and have beeen on duty for the last 3 months.

  • Mar, Apr, 1865    Lexington, Kentucky

            This Co. has been doing Garrison Duty at Lexington, Ky. since last muster.

  • May, June, 1865    Lexington, Kentucky

            Said Co. A was mustered for pay April 30, 1865 by Jas Gardner- -Capt. Comidg Regt at Lexington, Ky. and since that time it has been on duty at this place to June 30, 1865 at which time it again was mustered for pay.

  • July, Aug, 1865    Lexington, Kentucky

            This Co. was last mustered by Lt. Col. James Leeper June 30, 1865. Since mustered it has been doing duty in Lexington, Ky. till Aug 31, 1865 when it again mustered for pay by Lt. Col. James Leeper.

This file was created, and permission given for use by Bob Patterson

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