Seventh Division - Army of the Ohio

Seventh Division - Army of the Ohio

Brig. Gen. George W. Morgan

24th Brigade: Brig. Gen. Samuel P. Carter

49th Indiana - Lt. Col. James Keigwin
7th Kentucky - Col. T.T.Garrard
1st Tennessee - Col. Robert K. Byrd
2nd Tennessee - Col. James P.T. Carter

25th Brigade: Brig. Gen. James G. Spears

3rd Tennessee - Col. Leonidas C. Houk
4th Tennessee - Col. Robert Johnson
5th Tennessee - Col. James T. Shelly
6th Tennessee - Col. Joseph A. Cooper

26th Brigade: Col. John F. DeCourcy

22nd Kentucky - Col. Daniel W. Lindsey
16th Ohio - Lt. Col. George W. Bailey
42nd Ohio - Col. Lionel A. Sheldon

27th Brigade: Brig. Gen. Absalom Baird

33rd Indiana - Col. John Coburn
14th Kentucky - Col. John Cochran
19th Kentucky - Col. William J. Landrum

Artillery: Capt. Jacob T. Foster

7th Michigan - Capt. Charles H. Lamphere
9th Ohio - Lt. Leonard P. Barrows
1st Wisconsin - Lt. John D. Anderson
Siege Battery - Lt. Daniel Webster


Kentucky Battalion - Lt. Col. Reuben Munday

Kentucky Engineers:

Capt. William F. Patterson

This Division occupied the Cumberland Gap, after the Rebels evactuated it on June 18th, 1862, until forced to evacuate September 17th, 1862. After the evactuation, the division set out for Greenup, Kentucky, having very little food, the men existed on green corn that was ground up by a plate, punched with holes from a bayonet, and used as a grater.

The men arrived on October 3, 1862, with the loss of 80 men.

Listing taken from "Battles and Leaders of the Civil War"; Volume 3
© 1887, by the Century Co.

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