Introduction to the 12th Indiana Cavalry Regiment

History of the 12th Indiana Cavalry


This is the story of that regiment and how they lived and fought during the Civil War. The information about the Twelfth Indiana Cavalry was gathered from several sources with the original purpose of learning more about my great grandfather, Malachi Keesecker Pool, who served in Company H. The main source was "The War of the Rebellion-The Official Records" in which many references to the 12th Indiana were made, though not all were used. The reporting of the actions against confederate forces is from the point of view of the federal officers as sent to their superiors in dispatches and telegrams. Some of the regimental history mentioned in this narrative is available from various accounts such as found in Chapman's and Howard's "St. Joseph County History".

"The Civil War Day by Day" by E. B. Long was used to tie in the dates of other happenings of the period. Other sources about the life and times were obtained from the letters of Charles H. Harper of Company D and the diary of John Henderson of Company E. These letters and diary are available on microfilm at the Indiana State Historical Society in Indianapolis. The reminiscences by Judd Coomer, Company C, which I came across while microfilming the Walkerton newspapers add further color to this history of the regiment. The articles appeared on March 10 and June 16 1888 in the St. Joseph County Independent and the films are available at the South Bend, Mishawaka and Walkerton, Indiana Libraries.

Use the links below for the detailed history of this regiment. The roster of men in the regiment is from Volume VII of the Report of the Indiana Adjutant General. The remarks for each of the men can be obtained by e-mail upon request.

The History of the 12th Indiana Cavalry

The Roster of the Enlisted Men:

Abbitt to Dwight
Dye to Lambert
Lamontague to Robinson
Roby to Zweite

The Honor Roll of those giving their lives.

The Officers commissioned in the 12th Cavalry

Additional Items:

Photo of Malachi Poole
Copy of Malachi Poole's Discharge Paper
General Grierson's Letter to Governor Morton

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