1st Florida Infantry Regiment, CSA

1st Florida Infantry Regiment

Organization: Organized and mustered into Confederate service for 12 months at Chattahoochee on April 5, 1861. Failed at reorganization about February 1862. Men who reenlisted organized into four companies as the 1st (McDonell's) Infantry Battalion about February 1862.

First Commander: J. Patton Anderson (Colonel)

Field Officers: William H. Beard (Lieutenant Colonel), Thaddeus A. McDonell (Major)


  • Department of West Florida (April - October 1861)
  • Department of Alabama and West Florida (October 1861)
  • Army of Pensacola, Department of Alabama and West Florida (October 1861 - February 1862)


  • Santa Rosa Island (October 9, 1861)

The first regiment organized was the 1st Florida Infantry. It was composed of two companies from Leon, two companies from Alachua and one each from Franklin, Jackson, Madison, Gadsen, Jefferson and Escambia counties. These companies, with the exception of Company K (Pensacola Guards), which was from Escambia County, rendezvoused at Chattahoochee arsenal where they went into Camp of Instruction. There, on April 5, 1861, was mustered into the military service of the Confederate States for twelve months, and was organized by the election of Captain James Patton Anderson, of Jefferson County, Colonel; William K. Beard, of Leon County, as Lieutenant Colonel, and Thadeus MacDonell, of Alachua County as Major. Upon the completion of the organization of the regiment it was ordered to Pensacola where it arrived April 12, 1861, and there joined by Company K. Like all regiments mustered in the early days of 1861, it enlisted for twelve months and served almost its entire term in Pensacola and in that vicinity.

Richard H. Bradford