At Work

Mountain of Ore at Blast Furnaces

Bessemer Converter During a "Blow"

Washing at the Bosh

Typical Shipping Yard

Cutting Steel Plate With Hydraulic Shears

Plates Ready for Shipment

Blooming Mill as ther Ingot Enters the Rolls

Rail Mill

Buggy About to Tip Ingot Onto Roll Table

An Ingot on Its Way From Soaking Pit to Bloming Mill

The Stripper

The Steel Pourer's Platform

Charging Machine About to Dump a Box of Pig Iron into an Open-Hearth Furnace

At the Back of the Open-Hearth Furnaces- Tapping Out a Heat of Steel.

Blast Furnaces and Stoves: The eight cylindrical structures in center of picture are stoves, heating the air blast for the two furnaces, located at either end.

Iron Mill Showing Crews at Hammer and Furnace.

Detached Brick Dwellings. Four rooms and bath. $2700 to $2800

Detached Frame Houses. $5000 to $7000.