Working Conditions and Daily Life

Blast Furnace: Apparatus for producing pig iron in tonnage that beats the world.

Boy holding molds for blower in a south side glass-house.

Boys in a Sharpsburg Glass-House: The boy in right foreground is holding molds. He opens the molds to receive the glass from the blower, and closes them to press it.

Filling Molds: The corner of a Pittsburgh foundry.

Coke Workers: The waste of the old-time ovens is a field for conservation where chemist and engineer are vying with one another.

Grinding Castings on an Emery Wheel: Pittsburgh is a center for all manner of plants which turn iron and steel into manufactured forms- foundries, fabricating plants, electrical works, car shops, locomotive works. In them there is a greater call for mechanics than in the master industry: yet the tendency is toward specialization, speed, and semi-skilled labor.

Holding Molds: the boy at the right was twelve years old and had not been to school for two years.

    Underground Machine Men: Electric Drills and chain saws have revolutionalized coal digging in the bituminous fields since the days of the pit miners.

    "The Great Black Mill Dominates Eye and Ear" : As the town sees the Moorhead Iron Mill. Here the main thoroughfare, trolley, and railroad lines come to a focus.

At the base of the blast furnace.