Ball Field: Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company
College Room, Westinghouse Club: East Pittsburgh
Bridgeworker's Gardens: Ambridge Works, American Bridge Company. The low ground along the river front has been turned into garden plots, and some famous truck has been grown by employees who live on the higher ground back from river and works. More recently, the H.C. Frick Coke Company has promoted gardening in its mining towns. In 1913 it reported 6,296 cultivated plots, being "91 per cent of the total number that could have been planted." The estimated value of the crop of each vegetable garden was $27.60- or a total of $173,140 in foodstuffs for household use
New Pittsburghers and Old: Uniformed national societies in the sesqui-centennial parade in 1908. Two highlanders, representative of the older immigration, at the lower right
River Boat for Saturday Afternoon Outings: A different set of employees go out each week from the H.J. Heinz Company.
Auditorium for Employees: The Heinz Company is the pioneer in the Pitsburgh District in eliciting social and educational values from the gathering together of hundreds of people to perform work.
Minstrel Show Given by Employees of H.J. Heinz Company