Universal Suffrage


        Many people argued that properly-educated women deserved to vote as much as many men did. The anti-suffragists countered that claim by pointing out that woman suffrage would not apply to only the "right" women. How do these cartoons, as well as the others you have seen, represent the women wanting to vote? Do certain group characteristics emerge?  Be sure to examine clothing and personal qualities.

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       The text in this Frank Beard cartoon from the 1890s is especially interesting. Notice that the policeman restrains the well-dressed woman from voting for taxes while the unkempt man votes for "the people's champ." Pay close attention to the details in these cartoons, including the captions, and you will gain a greater appreciation of the diversity of arguments presented within one image. For example, the woman shields a little boy while the male voter conceals a bottle in his jacket pocket.

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