Threat to American Institutions

        As text on previous pages has shown, antisuffragists often resorted to ad hominem attacks on the suffragists, attacking the people making certain arguments instead of the arguments themselves. Antisuffragists also tried to make direct links between "un-American" groups, as they defined the term,  and suffragists.

        To learn that this argument did not appear in isolation, one merely has to flip through the pages of The Woman's Protest in 1912 to see scores of similar articles. In an article entitled "Suffrage States Win By Default, Not Enthusiasm," one author wrote the following, "Utah and Idaho have had Woman Suffrage since 1896. Woman suffrage came into Utah through the influence of the Mormon Church, which saw in this a means of perpetuating that hierarchy. It has happened more than once that the votes of women in sufficient numbers to carry an election have been given to polygamists who naturally are women Suffragists as all Mormons are."

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