Roosevelt's Support

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        Roosevelt's seemingly reluctant conversion to the cause of woman's suffrage spawned different evaluations of his actions and his motives, as the pro-suffrage newspaper The Woman's Journal reported on June 22, 1912, in an article entitled "Roosevelt for Suffrage."

        This article remarked on Roosevelt's "former theoretical lukewarm belief in suffrage" and described the national reactions to his conversion:      

         "People have received the news with varying feelings, corresponding with their attitude toward Roosevelt and toward suffrage. Those who believe both in suffrage and in Roosevelt are delighted. Those who believe both in Roosevelt but oppose suffrage are disgusted . . . Those who do not believe in Roosevelt, whether they are suffragists or not, think he has done it for political effect, with an eye to winning the women's vote in the six enfranchised States. And, finally, suffragists look upon it as a cheering and encouraging fact, whether they believe in Roosevelt or not."