In Wilson's Words

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    In early 1912, Wilson received a letter from Edith Whitmore, asking him for a public statement of his position on woman suffrage. Wilson replied on February 8, 1912, "you put me a very difficult question. I can only say that my own mind is in the midst of the debate which it involves. I do not feel that I am ready to utter any confident judgement as yet about it. I am honestly trying to work my way toward a just conclusion."

    In April 1912, according to an account of Wilson's visit to Pittsburgh, Wilson again dodged a question from suffragists. The report states, "There were a number of ladies among Governor Wilson's callers and he had at least one narrow escape from capture by the suffragettes. . . [One] asked for a declaration of his position on the equal franchise question. He pondered a minute and then replied that he had not fully considered it and must ask to be excused from making a positive answer. Miss Bakewell suggested that he lay jokes aside and come to the point. To this Governor Wilson replied:

    'I spoke in all sincerity. It is a big question and I am only about half way through it. My mind works somewhat slowly and on this subject I have not come to any conclusion.'"

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