The Anti's Alphabet


The Woman's Protest, an antisuffrage newspaper, published this "Anti's Alphabet" in August, 1912.

The Anti's Alphabet

A is for Antis with Banner afloat;

B is for Battle against woman's vote.

C is for Children we fight to protect;

D is for Duties we never neglect.

E is for Energy strengthened by hope.

F is for Folly with which we must cope.

G is the germ of unrest in the brain.

H is for Home, which we mean to maintain.

I is Insurgency now in the air;

J is calm Judgement we're bringing to bear.

K is for Knights, our American men;

L, Loyal Service far out of our ken.

M is for Might in our cause to prevail;

N, Noble standards that naught can assail.

O, Obligations we cannot ignore;

P is for Principle marching before.

Q is the Quibble which we must combat;

R is for Reason that answers it pat.

S is Sound Sense, which we have on our side;

T is for Truths that cannot be denied.

U is for Union, whose aid we entreat;

V, Votes for women, we're sworn to defeat.

W is wages the suffragettes claim;

X is for Xanthic, the color and fame.

Y is for Yankee, of Red, White and Blue;

Z is the Zeal to protect them for you.

We have divided the anti-suffrage pages into three categories: Differences, Women Don't Want the Vote, and Consequences.

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