Taft as a Trust Buster


William Howard Taft proved to be even more aggressive than Roosevelt in his use of the Sherman Act.  In fact, Taft during his four years in office launched more antitrust cases than Roosevelt had done in his seven and one-half years in office.


Taft was less inclined than Roosevelt to believe in having the executive branch of the federal government regulate trust activities.  Taft consistently in his career upheld a faith in using the courts to regulate behavior.

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The caption reads:

His Master:  You're big enough and strong enough to make and almighty good watch dog, but we've got to break you of that darned habit of makin' friends with anybody an' anythin'

While Taft was President, the Supreme Court in two important cases announced in 1911 developed the "rule of reason" as the principle to follow in antitrust cases.