Taft Trimming the Tariff

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The caption reads:
"Trimming the Pampered Darling.   Mr. Taft:--Stop Kicking! I might cut your head off!"
Puck April 7, 1909

The suggestion of this Democratic cartoon was that the protective tariff fostered privilege, against the American ideals of equality.

When President Taft suggested trimming the tariff's high duties in 1909, his Democratic opponents poked fun at him.

This cartoon suggests that the protective tariff is a spoiled brat, fattened on "hold up profits" that hurt workers and consumers.

Taft's efforts to revise tariff duties downward in 1909 backfired politically.  The result of tariff "reform" in 1909 was enactment of the Payne-Aldrich tariff, which continued to impose high duties.