Official Party Views

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In 1912 the Brownsville incident still damaged Roosevelt’s reputation in the eyes of most African Americans. They simply did not believe that they could trust him again. The exclusion of the African-American delegates from Southern states at the national Progressive convention only intensified the distrust of Roosevelt many felt.

Nevertheless, Roosevelt tried to defend the new party on the race question in an article published in August, 1912, "The Progressives and the Colored Man."

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The above cartoon comes from  Puck, Sept. 1912. Notice  the "TR" on the sleeve in the first image, with "White House" labeled on the steps. In the second picture, the steps read "Bull Moose Headquarters" on steps, while the leg reads "TR" and the boot "Third Party." 

Both Roosevelt and Jane Addams recognized the importance of the barrage of criticism confronting Roosevelt. Addams' essay follows this page. What are the most important arguments Addams makes? Do you think they satisfied her readers?

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