1912: Competing Visions for America


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The 1912 presidential election was a significant and substantive discussion about the future of the United States. The four major presidential nominees offered choices unimagined in today's political world. They fought in a more contentious, combative, and violent political culture than today's voters could tolerate. These pages are about those events, and the vision for the future of democracy that they represented.

Americans faced important choices when they voted for President in 1912.

This site is about the presidential campaign in 1912.

This site is about the candidates for President in 1912.

This site is especially about the issues and alternatives presented to Americans in 1912.

  • Should America be capitalist or socialist?
  • Should government protect the social welfare of citizens?
  • Should women vote, and participate as full citizens in the life of the nation?
  • Should Americans expand their democracy in other ways?
  • Should government exercise more control over businesses?
  • Should government try to solve the conflict between "capital" and "labor?"
  • Should the government work vigorously for the conservation of natural resources?

Navigating the Site

In using "1912: Competing Visions for America" you can follow the story of the campaign and the candidates. The issues in the election are the heart of the presentation.