Credits for 1912: Competing Visions for America

Several persons and organizations deserve credit for making these pages possible:
Marc T. Horger, an advanced doctoral student, wrote pages about the candidates, 1912 conventions, political maneuvering, and campaign.
Pamela E. Pennock, an advanced doctoral student in history, wrote pages about the issues related to organized labor and "the labor question" of the Progressive era.
Bradley Austin, an advanced doctoral student in history, wrote pages about the issues of suffrage for women, and about race, in the 1912 campaign and the Progressive era.
Cindy Alexander and Diane Drozd, undergraduate history majors, energetically scanned images and texts, and helped us use the library to answer questions about the events and issues of the 1912 campaign.  Jill Stover expertly found material on conservation, and helped prepare it for the project

Funds made available to the Graduate School of The Ohio State University by the Ameritech Corporation made possible the development of these pages.

The Ohio Historical Society graciously serves as a co-sponsor of these pages.  We express our appreciation to the Society and its staff for making materials available, and in digital form. We especially thank Gary Ness, Director of the Ohio Historical Society, and George Parkinson, Chief of the Archives and Manuscripts Division, for their vision and assistance in co-sponsoring these pages. Gary Arnold's assistance in locating appropriate materials in the Society's collections was always professional and helpful.

The Socialist Party and Debs by Josh B. Howard (June 2006)