House, Home, Community: The History of Poindexter Village

In the fall semester of 2014, five Ohio State University students enrolled in History 5010 taught by Professor Steven Conn. Together they explored and researched the history of Poindexter Village, Columbus, Ohio’s first public housing community. Funded by the federal United States Housing Authority, the local Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority opened Poindexter in 1940. In December, the students presented their findings to the local community at the Martin Luther King Branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Public Library.

The audio of that night’s presentation accompanies the Prezi so that you can follow along as you listen. The first speaker is Professor Conn, who introduces the following speakers. Karen Robertson then speaks first on the Near East Side before the project was built. Lexie White speaks next on the planning, construction, and opening of the project. Next, Patrick Potyondy discusses the arrival and creation of a vibrant, supportive community at the Village, especially by focusing on oral histories. Tom Szigeti then covers a period of urban decline which challenged Poindexter’s ability to continue to thrive. And finally, Cristina Benedetti examines the most recent era when Poindexter Village faced divestment and demolition.

Please contact Patrick Potyondy with any questions: You can click through the Prezi at your own pace and direction or click to follow along with the audio of the public presentation below if you choose. The Prezi contains lots of images and may take a moment to load.

Click below for audio.