Turks and Caicos Islands


The islands were part of the UK's Jamaican colony until 1962, when they assumed the status of a separate crown colony upon Jamaica's independence. The governor of The Bahamas oversaw affairs from 1965 to 1973. With Bahamian independence, the islands received a separate governor in 1973. Although independence was agreed upon for 1982, the policy was reversed and the islands remain a British overseas territory.

black 87.6%, white 7.9%, mixed 2.5%, East Indian 1.3%, other 0.7% (2001 census)
Baptist 35.8%, Church of God 11.7%, Roman Catholic 11.4%, Anglican 10%, Methodist 9.3%, Seventh Day Adventist 6%, Jehovah's Witnesses 1.8%, other 14% (2001)

Country information from the CIA World Factbook.