1917 Russian Revolution - 100th Anniversary

2017 marked the 100 year anniversary of the 1917 Russian Revolution. Gathered here are several resources on that topic.

The Center for Historical Research in the Department of History at The Ohio State University's 2017-2019 Program Topic is "You Say You Want A Revolution? Revolutions in Historical Perspective." We are including here, two videos on the Russian revolution from its series.

“Russian Courts and the 1917 Revolution,”

Presented by Associate Professor Aaron Retish, Department of History, Wayne State University


"Rethinking the Russian and Chinese Revolutions: A Centennial Conversation,"

Presented by Steve Smith, Senior Research Fellow, Oxford University, and Michael David-Fox, Dept. of History, Georgetown University



The Reason-of-State Tradition and Early Modern Political Discourse on Revolution

Presented by Vasileios Syros, The Italian Academy for Advanced Studies in America, Columbis University

"From Romanovs to Reds: Russia's Revolutions at 100"

An Origins: Current Events in Historical Perspective History Talk podcast.

In February 1917, the 300-year reign of the Romanov dynasty ended. Eight months later in October, Bolshevik forces led by Vladimir Lenin seized power, establishing the world's first state operated on Marxist principles. In the aftermath, a myriad of political, economic, social, and cultural changes reshaped life inside Russia as the establishment of the Soviet Union upended the global order. To mark the 100-year anniversary of the Russian Revolutions, hosts Brenna Miller and Jessica ViƱas-Nelson interview expert guests Drs. Angela Brintlinger, Nicholas Breyfogle, and Stephen Norris. Join us to explore the causes of the Russian Revolutions, their profound consequences, and how the world is remembering their centennial anniversary today.

The October Revolution in Russia

An article by Professor David L. Hoffman, Department of History, The Ohio State University

Russian Revolutionary Poster

The article begins: "One hundred years ago, in wartime Petrograd, Russian radicals known as the Bolsheviks carried out “the Great October Socialist Revolution.” On the night of October 24, 1917, Bolshevik Red Guards began to take control of key points in the Russian capital—railway stations, telegraph offices, and government buildings. By the following evening, they controlled the entire city with the exception of the Winter Palace, the seat of the Provisional Government." Read the rest here.

Reconsidering Russia

A podcast by Pietro Shakarian, Ph.D. Candidate, Dept. of History, The Ohio State University

Pietro Shakarian covers many aspects of the history of Russia in his podcast series. Listen here.