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thereof, such extra number shall be raised, officered, clothed, armed,

and equipped, in the same manner as the quota of such State, unless

the legislature of such State shall judge that such extra number

can not be safely spared out of the same, in which case they shall

raise, officer, clothe, arm, and equip, as many of such extra number

as they judge can be safely spared, and the officers and men so

clothed, armed, and equipped, shall march to the place appointed,

and within the time agreed on by the United States in Congress


Sec. 6.-The United States in Congress assembled shall never

engage in a war, nor grant letters of marque and reprisal in time of

peace, nor enter into any treaties or alliances, nor coin money, nor

regulate the value thereof, nor ascertain the sums and expenses

necessary for the defense and welfare of the United States, or any of

them, nor emit bills, nor borrow money on the credit of the United

States, nor appropriate money, nor agree upon the number of vessels of war to be built or purchased, or the number of land or sea

forces to be raised, nor appoint a commander-in-chief of the army

or navy, unless nine States assent to the same; nor shall a question

on any other point, except for adjourning from day to day, be determined, unless by the votes of a majority of the United States in

Congress assembled.

Sec. 7.-The Congress of the United States shall have power to

adjourn to anytime within the year, and to any place within the

United States, so that no period of adjournment be for a longer

duration than the space of six months, and shall publish the journal

of their proceedings monthly, except such parts thereof relating to

treaties, alliances, or military operations, as in their judgment

require secrecy; and the yeas and nays of the delegates of each State,

on any question, shall be entered on the journal, when it is desired

by any delegate; and the delegates of a State, or any of them, at his

or their request, shall be furnished with a transcript of the said

journal, except such parts as are above excepted, to lay before the

legislatures of the several States.


The Committee of the States, or any nine of them, shall be

authorized to execute, in the recess of Congress, such of the powers

of Congress as the United States, in Congress assembled, by the