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THERE are certain papers and documents which

mark the great epochs in the history of the United

States. Every reader and student of the history

of the country should be familiar with these very

important historic records.

It therefore has been thought well to include

certain of these epochal documents in the text

of Ridpath's "History of the World."

In these stirring latter days interest in our great democratic

republic is tremendously aroused and stimulated, both at home

and abroad. In these luminous documents will be found the guiding lights and the foundation principles upon which the permanency

of the great nation rests.

The United States has been called to a high mission among the

nations. The democracy of the United States stands as the antetype of the world democracy which is to come. As a stream can

rise no higher than its source, so a true democracy cannot rise above

the level of the citizenship which composes it.

If the United States, therefore, is to stand as the world model of

a government "of the people, by the people, for the people", our

citizenship must be maintained at the highest standard of intelligence, as well as of patriotism and altruism.

These papers mark the stepping stones by which our country has

found its way to freedom, prosperity and happiness.