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Sept. 28.-Belgians attack enemy from Ypres

to North Sea, gaming four miles.

Sept. 29.-Bulgaria surrenders.

Sept. 30.-British-Belgian advance reaches


Oct. 1.-St. Quentin, nucleus of Hindenburg line, captured.

Oct. 1.-Damascus occupied by British in

Palestine campaign.

Oct. 2.-Lens evacuated by Germans.

Oct. 3.-Albania cleared of Austrians by


Oct. 4.-Ferdinand, king of Bulgaria, abdicates; Boris succeeds.

Oct. 5.-Prince Maximilian, new German

Chancellor, pleads with President Wilson

to ask Allies for armistice.

Oct. 7.-Berry-au-Bac taken by French.

Oct. 8.-President Wilson asks if German

Chancellor speaks for people or war lords.

Oct. 9.-Cambrai in Allied hands.

Oct. 10.-Leinster, passenger steamer, sunk

in Irish Channel by submarine; 480 lives

lost; final German atrocity at sea.

Oct. 11.-Americans advance through Argonne forest.

Oct. 12.-German foreign secretary, Solf,

says plea for armistice is made in name

of German people; agrees to evacuate all

foreign soil.

Oct. 12.-Nish, in Serbia, occupied by Allies.

Oct. 13.-Laon and La Fere abandoned by


Oct. 13.-Grandpre captured by Americans

after four days' battle.

Oct. 14.-President Wilson refers Germans

to General Foch for armistice terms.

Oct. 16.-Lille entered by British patrols.

Oct. 17.-Ostend, German submarine base,

taken by land and sea forces.

Oct. 17.-Douai falls to Allies.

Oct. 19.-Bruges and Zeebrugge taken by

Belgians and British.

Oct. 25.-Beginning of terrific Italian drive

which nets 50,000 prisoners in five days.

Oct. 31.-Turkey surrenders; armistice takes

effect at noon; conditions include free

passage of Dardanelles.

Nov. 1.-Clery-le-Grand captured by American troops of First Army.

Nov. 3.-Americans sweep ahead on 50-mile

front above Verdun; enemy in full retreat.

Nov. 3.-Official reports announce capture of

362,350 Germans since July 15.

Nov. 3.-Austria surrenders, signing armistice with Italy at 3 p.m. after 500,000

prisoners had been taken.

Nov. 7.-American Rainbow Division and

parts of First Division enter outskirts of


Nov. 8.-Heights south of Sedan seized by


Nov. 9.-Maubeuge captured by Allies.

Nov. 10.-Canadians take Mons in irresistible advance.

Nov. 11-Germany surrenders; armistice

takes effect at 11 a. m. American flag

raised on Sedan front.