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May 29.-Soissons evacuated by French.

May 31.-Marne River crossed by Germans,

who reach Chateau Thierry, 40 miles

from Paris.

May 31.-President Lincoln, American transport, sunk.

June 2.-Schooner Edward H. Cole torpedoed by submarine off American coast.

June 3-6.-American marines and regulars

check advance of Germans at Chateau

Thierry and Neuilly after maximum advance of Germans of 32 miles.

June 9-14.-German drive on Noyon-Montdidier front. Maximum advance, 5 miles.

June 15-24.-Austrian drive on Italian front

ends in complete failure.

June 30.-American troops in France, in all

departments of service, number 1,019,115.

July 1.-Vaux taken by Americans.

July 3.-Mohammed V, Sultan of Turkey,


July 10.-Czechoslovaks, aided by Allies,

take control of a long stretch of the Trans-Siberian Railway.

July 12.-Berat, Austrian base in Albania,

captured by Italians.

July 15.-Haiti declares war on Germany.

July 15.-Stonewall defense of Chateau

Thierry blocks new German drive on Paris.

July 16.-Nicholas Romanoff, ex-Czar of

Russia, executed at Yekaterinburg.

July 17.-Lieut. Quentin Roosevelt, youngest

son of ex-President Roosevelt, killed in

aerial battle near Chateau Thierry.

July 18.-French and Americans begin counter offensive on Marne-Aisne front.

July 19.-San Diego, United States cruiser,

sunk off Fire Island.

July 20.-Carpathia, Cunard liner, used as

transport, torpedoed off Irish coast.

July 20.-Justicia, giant liner used as troopship, is sunk off Irish coast.

July 21.-German submarine sinks three

barges off Cape Cod.

July 23.-French take Oulchy-le-Chateau

and drive the Germans back ten miles between Aisne and the Marne.

July 30.-Allies astride the Ourcq; Germans in full retreat to the Vesle.


Aug. 2.-French troops recapture Soissons.

Aug. 3.-President Wilson announces new

policy regarding Russia and agrees to cooperate with Great Britain, France and

Japan in sending forces to Murmansk,

Archangel and Vladivostok.

Aug. 3.-Allies advance between Soissons

and Rheims, driving the enemy from his

base at Fismes and capturing the Aisne-Vesle front.

Aug. 7.-Franco-American troops cross the


Aug. 8.-New Allied drive begun by Field

Marshal Haig in Picardy, penetrating

enemy front 14 miles.

Aug. 10.-Montdidier recaptured.

Aug. 13.-Lassigny massif taken by French.

Aug. 15.-Canadians capture Damery and

Parvillers, northwest of Roye.

Aug. 29.-Noyon and Bapaume fall in new

Allied advance.

Sept. 1.-Australians take Peronne.

Sept. 1.-Americans fight for the first time on

Belgian soil and capture Voormezeele.

Sept. 11.--Germans are driven back to the

Hindenburg line which they held in November, 1917.

Sept. 12.-Registration day for new draft

army of men between 18 and 45 in the

United States.

Sept. 13.-Americans begin offense in St.

Mihiel sector on 40-mile front.

Sept. 14.-St. Mihiel recaptured from Germans. Entire St. Mihiel salient erased,

liberating more than 150 square miles of

French territory which had been in German hands since 1914.

Sept. 20.-Nazareth occupied by British

forces in Palestine under Gen. Allenby.

Sept. 23.-Bulgarian armies flee before combined attacks of British, Greek, Serbian,

Italian and French.

Sept. 25.-British take 40,000 prisoners in

Palestine offensive.

Sept. 26.-Strumnitza, Bulgaria, occupied by


Sept. 27.-Franco-Americans in drive from

Rheims to Verdun take 30,000 prisoners.