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Dec. 6.-Jacob Jones, American destroyer,

sunk by submarine in European waters.

Dec. 6.-Steamer Mont Blanc, loaded with

munitions, explodes in collision with the

Imo in Halifax harbor; 1500 persons are


Dec. 7.-Finland declares independence.

Dec. 8.-Jerusalem, held by the Turks for

673 years, surrenders to British, under

Gen. Allenby.

Dec. 8.-Ecuador breaks with Germany.

Dec. 10.-Panama at war with Austria-Hungary.

Dec. 11.-United States at war with Austria-Hungary.

Dec. 15.-Armistice signed between Germany

and Russia at Brest-Litovsk.

Dec. 17.-Coalition government of Sir Robert Borden is returned and conscription

confirmed in Canada.


Jan. 14.-Premier Clemenceau orders arrest

of former Premier Caillaux on high treason charge.

Jan. 19.-American troops take over sector

northwest of Toul.

Jan. 29.-Italians capture Monte di val


Feb. 1.-Argentine Minister of War recalls

military attaches from Berlin and Vienna.

Feb. 6.-Tuscania, American transport, torpedoed off coast of Ireland: 101 lost.

Feb. 22.-American troops in Chemin des

Dames sector.

Feb. 26.-British hospital ship, Glenart Castle, torpedoed.

Feb. 27.-Japan proposes joint military operations with Allies in Siberia.

Mar. 1.-Americans gain decisive victory in

salient north of Toul.

Mar. 3.-Peace treaty between Bolshevik

government of Russia and the Central

Powers signed at Brest-Litovsk.

Mar. 4.-Treaty signed between Germany

and Finland.

Mar. 5.-Rumania signs treaty of peace

with Central Powers.


Mar. 9.-Russian capital moved from Petrograd to Moscow.

Mar. 14.-Russo-German peace treaty ratified by All-Russian Congress of Soviets at


Mar. 20.-President Wilson orders all Holland ships in American ports taken over.

Mar. 21.-Germans begin great drive on 50 mile front from Arras to La Fere. Bombardment of Paris by German long-range

gun from a distance of 76 miles.

Mar. 24.-Peronne, Ham and Chauny evacuated by Allies.

Mar. 25.-Bapaume and Nesle occupied by


Mar. 29.-General Foch chosen Commander-in-Chief of Allied forces.

April 5.-Japanese forces landed at Vladivostok.

April 9.-Second German drive begun in


April 10.-First German drive halted before

Amiens after maximum advance of 35


April 15.-Second German drive halted before

Ypres, after maximum advance of 10


April 16.-Bolo Pasha, Levantine resident in

Paris, executed for treason.

April 21.-Guatemala at war with Germany.

April 22.-Baron Von Richthofen, premier

German flier, killed.

April 23.-British naval forces raid Zeebrugge

in Belgium, German submarine base, and

block channel.

May 7.-Nicaragua at war with Germany.

May 19.-Major Raoul Lufberry, American

aviator, killed.

May 24.-Costa Rica at war with Germany

and Austria-Hungary.

May 27.-Third German drive begins on

Aisne-Marne front of 30 miles between

Soissons and Rheims.

May 28.-Germans sweep on beyond the

Chemin des Dames and cross the Vesle at


May 28.-Cantigny taken by Americans.