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Sept. 28.-British capture Mushaid Ridge

and occupy Ramadie on the Euphrates,

taking prisoner Ahmed Bey, the Turkish

commander and his staff.

Oct. 1.-England attacked by four squadrons of German Zeppelins in strongest air

attack yet made on coast towns.

Oct. 4.-Arabs in revolt against Turks effect

junction with British in Southern Palestine and control the Hedjaz railway as

far north as Maan. British win the crest

of the Passchendaele Heights on advance

from north of Langemarck.

Oct. 5.-Russians take the village of Nereman, 50 miles north of Mosul. Peru

votes to sever diplomatic relations with


Oct. 7.-Uruguay severed relations with

Germany and waived her neutrality rules

in favor of the Allies.

Oct. 9.-French capture St. Jean de Mangelaers and Veldhock.

Oct. 10.-President Wilson issues a proclamation governing foodstuffs.

Oct. 14.-The trading with the enemy act

was put into effect by an order issued by

President Wilson.

Oct. 15.-Italians make successful attacks

on the Southern slopes of Monte Rombon.

Oct. 17.-Germans take the island of Oesel

and crush Russian force on Svovb peninsula. United States Transport Antilles

sunk by German submarine and 70 persons


Oct. 18.-Germans capture Moon Island.

Oct. 20-Four German Zeppelins returning

from raid in England were brought down

in France.

Oct. 25.-French capture several villages

and the forest of Pinon.

Oct. 26.-The Brazil Chamber of Deputies

declares that a state of war exists between

Brazil and Germany.

Oct. 28.-From the first line of trenches in

France the American Artillery fired the

first shot of the war. The second Liberty

Loan subscription was announced to be



Oct. 29.-Teutons take Gorizia and Cividale

and report capture of 60,000 Italians,

500 guns and 26 aeroplanes.

Oct. 31.-Teutons take Udine and cross

Alps into Venetia.

Nov. 1.-Germans abandon position on

Chemin des Dames.

Nov. 3.-Americans in trenches suffer 20

casulaties in German attacks.

Nov. 5.-Italians abandon Tagliamento line

and retire on a 93-mile front in the Carnic


Nov. 6.-Passchendaele captured by Canadians.

Nov. 6.-British Mesopotamian forces reach

Tekrit, 100 miles northwest of Bagdad.

Nov. 7.-The Russian Bolsheviki, led by Lenine and Trotsky, seize Petrograd and

depose Kerensky.

Nov. 8.-Gen. Diaz succeeds Gen. Cadorna

as Commander-in-Chief of Italian armies.

Nov. 9.-Italians retreat to the Piave.

Nov. 10.-Lenine becomes Premier of Russia, succeeding Kerensky.

Nov. 15.-Georges Clemenceau becomes Premier of France, succeeding Painleve.

Nov. 18.-Major General Maude, captor of

Bagdad, dies in Mesopotamia.

Nov. 21.-Ribecourt, Flesquieres, Havrincourt, Marcoing and other German positions captured by British.

Nov. 23.-Italians repulse Germans on the

whole front from the Asiago Plateau to

the Brenta River.

Nov. 24.-Cambrai menaced by British, who

approach within three miles, capturing

Bourlon Wood.

Dec. 1.-German East Africa reported completely conquered.

Dec. 1.-Allies' Supreme War Council, representing the United States, France,

Great Britain and Italy, holds first meeting at Versailles.

Dec. 3.-Russian Bolsheviki arrange armistice with Germans.

Dec. 5.-British retire from Bourlon Wood,

Graincourt and other positions west of