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May 18.-President Wilson issued a proclamation fixing June 5 as the day for the

registration of men between the ages of

21 and 30. Announcement was made

that an expeditionary force of regular

troops under Major Gen. Pershing would

be sent to France at the earliest possible

moment. British War Office announces

that British heavy artillery batteries are

co-operating with the Italians against the

Austrians on the Julian front.

May 19.-Italians take Hill 652 on Monte


May 23.-French seize the last heights

dominating the valley of the Aillette


May 26.-German Zeppelins raided Folkestone, 76 killed and 174 injured.

June 5.-In compliance with the United

States army law between 9,000,000 and

10,000,000 men registered.

June 8.-Major Gen. Pershing reached England and went from there to Paris.

June 13.-German Zeppelin raids in England

killed 104 and injured 403 persons.

June 15.-Subscriptions to the Liberty Loan

reached total of almost $2,900,000,000.

June 19.-Vice Admiral Sims appointed to

take charge of Allied naval forces in

Irish waters.

June 20.-Italians capture Austrian positions on Monte Ortigara.

June 26.-Canadians capture La Coulotte

and push towards Lens.

July 3.-Russians take Presovce, Zborow,

and Kornshiduv.

July 10.-Russians take Haliez.

July 12.-Russians capture Kalusz, and

push on toward Dolina.

July 16.-Russians take eastern end of


July 27.-Germans capture Kolomea.

Aug. 3.-Austrians capture Czernowitz.

Aug. 6.-Russians evacuate Proskusov in

Podolia and Kamenetz-Podolsk the capital

of Podolia.

Aug. 8.-Russians capture two villages and

retake positions near Sereminke.

Aug. 10.-A food control bill was passed by

the United States Congress and signed

by President Wilson. British capture

Westhoek Ridge.

Aug. 15.-Canadians take Hill 70. Austro-Germans seize the bridgehead at Baltaretu

and capture Stracani.

Aug. 16.-British capture Langemarck.

Aug. 20.-French break German lines north

of Verdun gaining Avocourt Wood, Dead

Man Hill, Talon Ridge and the Corbeaux

and Cumieres Woods.

Aug. 22.-German Zeppelins raided Yorkshire and Gotha; airplanes raided Dover,

Margate and Ramsgate.

Aug. 24.-French capture Hill 304.

Aug. 25.-Italians capture Monte Santo.

Sept. 3.-German Zeppelins dropped bombs

on naval station at Chatham, killing 108

persons and wounding 92.

Sept. 4.-Italians capture Monte San

Gabriele; German Zeppelins raid London.

Sept. 5.-First contingent of drafted men

for the United States army arrived at

their cantonments. A German submarine

bombarded Scarborough, killing 3 persons

and injuring 5.

Sept. 6.--British-American hospitals on the

French coast attacked by German Zeppelins.

Sept. 8.-Germans repulsed in Lorraine east

of Rheims and north of Courcy.

Sept. 11.-British on the Somme carry a

German trench near Villeret.

Sept. 14.-Italians gain the northwestern

crest and the peak of Monte San Gabriele.

The Provisional Government of Russia

proclaim a republic. Russians on the

Riga front capture Kronberg, Keitzen,

Sisseral and Peine.

Sept. 20.-British penetrate German lines

along Ypres-Menin road and' capture

Velahock and Zevenkote.

Sept. 22.-Germans capture Jacobstadt.

Sept. 25.--The Argentine Republic voted

to sever relations with Germany but

President Irigoyen refused to act.