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Mar. 28.-British capture Villers-Faucon

and the heights crowned by Saulcourt.

Mar. 29.-British capture Neuville Bourjonval. British rout a Turkish army of

20,000 in battle near Gaza.

Mar. 30.-British occupy Ruyalcourt, Fins

and Sorel-le-Grand. French recapture

first line trenches west of Maison-le-Champagne.

Mar. 31.-British advance up the Cologne

River capturing eight villages.

April 1.-British capture Savy and Epehy.

April 2.-President Wilson addressed the

U. S. Congress asking that body to declare that Germany had been making war

upon the United States. A resolution

recognizing and declaring that a state of

war existed with Germany was passed by

both houses.

April 3.-French capture Dallon, Giffecourt

and Cerizy and heights south of Urvillers.

April 4.-British take Metz-en-Couture.

April 5.-Germans attack the French west

of Rheims. British capture Roussoy and

Basse-Boulogne east of Peronne.

April 6.-President Wilson signed declaration of war with Germany and at the same

time issued a proclamation notifying the

world that war had been begun and warning all alien enemies to keep the peace.

British capture Lempire. French retake

part of the positions lost north of


April 7.-Austria-Hungary severed diplomatic relations with the United States.

Austrian ships in American ports were

seized. Cuba announced that a state of

war exists with Germany and German

ships in Havana harbor were seized.

April 8.-Germans shell Rheims and French

Government orders population to evacuate the city.

April 9.-British capture Vimy Ridge and

many fortified points.

April 10.-British capture Fampoux and its

defenses on both sides of the Scarpe River.

April II.-British capture Monchy-le-Preux

and heights dominating the country

towards Cambrai.

April 12.-British take Wancourt and also

Turkish territory to a depth of fifteen

miles in the region of Gaza.

April 13.-British capture Ancres and the

town of Vimy.

April 14.-British take Fayet, Gricourt and


April 16.-French take 10,000 prisoners and

reach German line at six points in Alsace.

Germans destroy St. Quentin canal.

April .17.-German submarine made unsuccessful attack on the United States destroyer Smith about 100 miles from New


April 18.-French take Vailly and Conde-Sur-Aisne. British take Villers-Guialain.

April 19.-American steamer Mongolia fired

on a German submarine in British waters

and damaged it.

April 21.-British capture Gonnelieu. Two

German destroyers sunk near Dover.

April 23.-Turks evacuate Istabulat.

April 24 -British occupy Samara station.

April 25.-Allies report that in three days

55 German airplanes were brought down

and 39 of their own lost.

April 26.-British take Bulgar trenches

west of Lake Doiran.

April 27.-German destroyers bombard


May 2.-Russians evacuate Mush.

May 3.-British take Fresnoy and part of


May 8.-Germans retake Fresnoy.

May 12.-French penetrate German line

north of Bezonvaux in Verdun.

May 14.-British capture Roeux.

May 16.-Announcement was made that a

squadron of United States torpedo boats

under the command of Rear Admiral Sims

had safely crossed the Atlantic and was

aiding the British fleet in patrolling the


May 17.-British complete the capture of

Bullecourt; Italians take Mount Kuk, also

Duino on the way to Trieste.