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Feb. 13.-Teutons take Italian position east

of Paralovo.

Feb. 14.-British capture position southeast

of Grandcourt and penetrate into German

lines near Arras.

Feb. 16.-Germans make gains south of


Feb. 17.-British carry important German

position north of Baillecourt.

Feb. 20.-Germans capture British point of

support near La Transloy.

Feb. 22.-Allies clear Southern Albania and

cut communication of Athens with Central Powers.

Feb. 24.-British capture Petit Miraumont.

Feb. 25.-British occupy Serre, Miraumont

and Pys.

Feb. 26.-British take Kut-el-Amara. German destroyers raid Margate and Broadstairs on British coast.

Feb. 27.-Cunard liner Laconia carrying

passengers, men, women and children and

a crew of 216, was sunk by a German submarine off the Irish coast. 12 passengers

perished and 2 of them were American


Feb. 28.-British occupy Gommecourt.

French destroyer Cassini sunk by submarine in Mediterranean.

Mar. 3.-Russians recapture Hamadan in

Persia and advance on Bagdad.

Mar. 4.-British advance west of Bapaume.

Russians occupy Khanikali in Persia.

Mar. 5.-Germans launch big attack at

Verdun. Italians successfully storm Austrian positions in Spellegrino valley.

Mar. 7.-French capture salient near Butte

de Mesnil and seize Asadabad summit in

Persia. British approach Jerusalem.

Mar. 8.-Russians occupy Kangaver. British advance within 8 miles of Bagdad and

occupy Ctesiphon. Strikes in Petrograd.

Russians seize Sakkiz. British reach outskirts of Bagdad.

Mar. 10.-British advance in Ancre region

and capture Irles. Russians capture

Senne in Western Persia.

Mar. II.-British occupy Bagdad. Russians take Sahua in northwestern Persia.


Mar. 12.-French recapture most of Hill

185. British gain north of Bouchavesnes.

Czar of Russia suspends Duma sittings.

Mar. 13.-British occupy Kazimain north

of Bagdad.

Mar. 14.-The American ship Algonquin

sunk by a German submarine. Russians

capture Kermansah and British advance

30 miles above Bagdad. French capture

Romainville Farm.

Mar. 16.-Czar abdicates in favor of Prince

Lvoff, leaving his brother, Grand Duke

Michael Alexandrovitch, as regent who

declined to act. Russia under Provisional


Mar. 17.-British take Bapaume. French

occupy Roye and Lassigny.

Mar. 18.-Three American ships reported

sunk by submarines. Russians in Persia

capture Van and occupy Baneh. Germans retire on 85 mile front in France,

abandoning Peronne, Chaulnes, Nesle and


Mar. 19.-French take Ham, Guiscard and

Chauny. Russians occupy Harunabad in

Persia and British occupy Bahriz and

part of Bakubah. French warship Danton


Mar. 20.-Provisional Government of Russia issues manifesto and includes decision

to observe alliances regarding present war.

French occupy Tergnier also in Balkans

Rashtam Hill.

Mar. 21.-President Wilson issues proclamation calling Congress in extra session

on April 2.

Mar. 24.-President Wilson ordered the

withdrawal from Belgium of Minister

Whitlock, all American consular officials

for relief in Belgium. French take two

forts protecting La Fere.

Mar. 25.-British capture Lagnicourt west

of Cambrai. French capture Folembray

and La Feuillee.

Mar. 27.-Germans force Russians back by

gas attacks in the Baranovichi region.

French capture the forest of Coucy.

British take Longavesnes, Lieramont and