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Nov. 28.-Two Zeppelins are shot down in


Dec. 3.-Lloyd George, British Secretary

for War, resigns.

Dec. 4.-Germans shell Bukharest.

Dec. 6.-Premier Asquith resigns.

Dec. 6.-Bukharest is captured by Germans.

Lloyd George is appointed Premier.

Dec. 9.-U. S., in note to Germany, condemns deportation of Belgian citizens.

Von Mackensen captures 18,000 Roumanians.

Dec. 10.-Lloyd George names War Council

of five, and other cabinet members.

Dec. 12.-Germany, in note to Entente

powers, makes bid for peace. French

cabinet is reconstructed.

Dec. 15.-Russian Duma rejects peace proposals. French advance on Meuse River

and capture a great number of prisoners.

Dec. 19.-General Nivelle replaces General

Joffre as commander-in-chief of the French


Dec. 20.-President Wilson sends notes to

all belligerents requesting "their respective views as to the terms upon which the

war might be concluded."

Dec. 26.-Teutonic Allies reply to U. S.

note evades giving terms of peace.

Dec. 30.-The Allies in answer to President

Wilson's note insist that no peace is

possible until reparation is secured for

violated rights and liberties and free

existence of small states and settlement

for future security of the world is brought


Dec. 31.-Braila, a large Roumanian grain

center, is taken by Teutonic forces.


Jan. 1.-Teutons in Moldavia capture

heights and two towns in Zabella


Jan. 2.-Roumanians regain ground in

Kasino River sector.

Jan. 3.-Teutons capture Matchin and

Jijila in northern Dobrudja and Barsesci

and Topesci on Moldavian front.


Jan. 5.-Germans and Bulgars take Braila in

Wallachia, Slobozio and Rotesti in the

Rimnik-Sarat sector and Gurgueti and

Romanul south of the Buzeu.

Jan. 6.-Teutons capture five towns near

Braila and reach Sereth River at two

points. British seize two hostile posts

north of Beaumont-Hamel.

Jan. 8.-Russians capture enemy trenches

south of Lake Babit.

Jan. 10.-British Indian troops take trenches

1000 yards from Kut-el-Amara. British

seize German trench north of Ancre.

Jan. II.-Teutons cross river Putna. British

capture trenches covering town of Rofa.

Jan. 12.-Teutons cover town of Laburtie

in Roumania.

Jan. 13.-British send note to President

Wilson stating peace terms.

Jan. 15.-British take a town on Shatt-el-Hai River.

Jan. 17.-Russians retake Vadenia.

Jan. 20.-Germans take Nanesti on the

Sereth River.

Jan. 22.-President Wilson speaks in United

States Senate on United States course in

International Peace League.

Jan. 25.-British auxiliary cruiser Laurentic


Jan. 26.-British gains southwest of Kutel-Amara and in Mesopotamia. Germans

retire to Vtete in German East Africa.

Jan. 27.-French repulsed near Hill 304.

British Admiralty announces position of

North Sea dangerous to neutral ships.

Jan. 31.-French penetrate through German

lines in Lorraine south of Leintrey. Russians capture Austro-German fortifications east of Jacobeni. Germany makes

announcement of submarine warfare.

Feb. 1.-Turks advance in Persia and occupy Dizabad and approach Sultanabad.

Feb. 3.-United States breaks diplomatic

relations with Germany.

Feb. 8.-Russians capture Teuton positions

near Kirlibaba. French occupy Ojani in

Macedonia. Germans forced from heights

near Sailly-Saillisel.