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Oct. 17.-Allies seize remaining three Greek

battleships and land marines at Piraeus.

Germans repulse Russians on Volhynian

front and take 1,900 prisoners.

Oct. 18.-Sailly-Saillisel falls to the French

after hard fighting.

Oct. 19.-Serbians advance in Macedonia

and capture Brod.

Oct. 20.-Three British transports are sunk

in the Mediterranean, by submarines.

Germans regain ground lost to the British

in the Somme sector. Serbians make

advances east of Monastir. Von Mackensen resumes offensive in the Dobrudja,

forcing Roumanians back.

Oct. 21.-British advance in the Somme

sector. The Austrian Premier, Count

Stuergkh, is assassinated in Vienna. Germans reach coast of Black Sea in Roumania. Teutons capture Russian positions southeast of Lemberg.

Oct. 23.-Constantza, Roumania's chief

port of the Black Sea, is captured by the


Oct. 24.-Germans drive the Roumanians

sixteen miles and capture 6,700 prisoners.

French retake Douaumont, Thiaumont

and two miles of trenches, taken by Germans by two months' fighting.

Oct. 25.-Tchernavoda falls to von Mackensen's army. Von Falkenhayn storms

Vulcan Pass and reaches point 75 miles

from Bukharest.

Oct. 26.-Ten German destroyers raid

English Channel and sink a torpedo-boat

destroyer and seven vessels.

Oct. 27.-Teutons drive the Roumanian

army forty miles past Tchernavoda.

Oct. 28.-Steamship Lanao, flying American

flag, sunk by submarine.

Oct. 29.-Capt. Boelke, famous German

aviator, is killed in aeroplane battle.

Roumanians check German advances.

Oct. 30.-British steamship Marina is torpedoed by German submarine off Irish

coast. Six Americans drowned.

Oct. 31.-British losses for October are

4,331 officers and 102,702 men.

Nov. 1.-Submarine Deutschland arrives at

New London, Conn., with a $10,000,000

cargo. British capture three villages on

Macedonian front. Von Falkenhayn's

forces drive Roumanians twelve miles

inside border.

Nov. 2.-Italians gain on twelve mile front

and capture 5,000 prisoners. Fort Vaux

is evacuated by the German army.

Nov. 3.-Italians continue to advance and

take 3,500 more prisoners.

Nov. 5.-French take two more towns outside of Verdun. Russian Poland is proclaimed an independent state by Germany

and Austria-Hungary.

Nov. 7.-Arabia, a passenger vessel, is sunk

by German submarine.

Nov. 8.-Belgium protests against deportations of its able-bodied men by German


Nov. 9.-Chancellor von Bethmann-Hollweg

declares Germany is ready to enter a

league of peace on condition it insures freedom of the seas. Roumanians retake

Hirsova in the Dobrudja and drive Germans back. U-boats break through British blockade and raid French coast.

Nov. 12.-French, under General Foch, recapture Saillisel.

Nov. 14.-U. S. protests to Germany on the

deportation of the Belgians. British capture Beaucort and 5,000 prisoners. Great

Britain rejects U. S. demand to lift


Nov. 16.-Allies drive to within four miles

of Monastir and take twelve towns.

Nov. 19.-Serbians recapture Monastir.

Nov. 21.-Emperor Francis Joseph of

Austria-Hungary dies and is succeeded

by Karl Francis Joseph. Craiova, Roumania, captured by von Falkenhayn.

Nov. 22.-Britannic, transporting wounded

soldiers, sunk by German submarine in

Aegean Sea.

Nov. 23.-France appoints a Minister of

Provisions to control food supply.

Nov. 24.-Orsova is captured by von Mackensen.