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Aug. 9.-Italians capture Goritzia. Zeppelins raid the east coast of England, causing

twenty-three casualties.

Aug. 10.-Russians are forced to retreat

in Persia. Stanislau is captured by the


Aug. 15.-Allied forces close in on German

East Africa.

Aug. 16.-French make brilliant advances

on the Somme front. Germany claims

that seventy-four merchantmen were sunk

by submarines during July.

Aug. 17.-General Ruzsky is appointed

commander-in-chief of the northern armies

of Russia.

Aug. 19.-British cruisers Nottingham and

Falmouth sunk by German submarines in

North Sea.

Aug. 24.-French and British troops make

further gains on Somme front.

Aug. 28.-Roumania declares war on Austria-Hungary.

Aug. 29.-Roumanian army begins invasion

of Transylvania in two directions.

Aug. 30.-Field-Marshal von Hindenburg

succeeds General von Falkenhayn as

Chief of the General Staff of the German


Sept. 1.-Italians in Albania and Serbians

in Macedonia begin offensives against

Bulgarians. Greek army joins rebellion

against King.

Sept. 2.-French fleet captures seven Teuton

merchant vessels in the Greek harbor of


Sept. 3.-Dar es Salam, German East Africa,

taken by British forces. Zeppelins raid

London. Roumanians capture six towns

in Transylvania.

Sept. 4.-Allies' secret police arrest German

propagandists in Athens. Teutonic allies

under von Mackensen invade Dobrudja,

a Roumanian province.

Sept. 5.-Russians claim to have captured

20,000 Austrians in two weeks.

Sept. 10.-Von Mackensen takes Silistria.

Sept. 15.-Lloyd George, British War Minister, denies misuse of mail to obtain

American trade secrets.


Sept. 17.-Serbians defeat Bulgarians at

Kaimakcalan. German Admiralty issues

statement that "126 hostile merchant

ships totaling 170,679 tons and 35 neutral

vessels totaling 38,568 tons, were destroyed by submarines during August."

Sept. 18.-Austrians aided by Turkish

troops force Russians to retreat.

Sept. 19.-Roumanians are defeated by

Germans at Szurduk Pass and retreat

toward Constantza.

Sept. 21.-Revolution headed by ex-Premier

Venizelos, breaks out in Crete.

Sept. 23.-Italians advance on Trentino


Sept. 25.-British advance on Combles and

take three towns. Zeppelins, in raid on

English coast, kill 36 and wound 26 non-combatants.

Sept. 26.-Allies capture Combles and

Thiepval. Turks drive Russians back 22

miles in Persia.

Sept. 30.-Roumanians in Transylvania are

forced to retreat. British losses for September are 111,549 officers and men.

Oct. 1.-Zeppelin shot down near London.

Oct. 2.-Roumanian troops cross into Bulgaria.

Oct. 5.-Cunard liner Franconia is torpedoed

in the Mediterranean.

Oct. 7.--British capture five Bulgarian villages. German submarine U-53 arrives

at Newport, R .I.

Oct. 8.-Six vessels torpedoed off Nantucket

Island by submarine U-53. Austro-Germans retake Kronstadt.

Oct. 9.-Two U-boats sunk off Archangel by

Russian torpedo-boat. .

Oct. 12.-Italians claim to have taken

30,881 prisoners since August 6. French

press toward Morval.

Oct. 13.-Von Falkenhayn's forces recapture

all of Transylvania recently occupied by

the Roumanians. Italians force Austrians

to retire on Carso front.

Oct. 16.-Allies recognize provisional government set up by ex-Premier Venizelos

on Island of Crete. Teutons begin offensive in the Carpathians.