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May 25.-Military Compulsion Bill becomes a law in England, affecting men

between eighteen and forty-one.

May 26.-Bulgarian troops enter Greece

and take possession of several forts.

May 29.-Officials announce in London that

forty-four air attacks have been made on

England since war began, resulting in 409

dead and 1,005 injured, also, in three

attacks by German warships, 141 were

killed and 611 injured.

May 31.-British and German fleets meet

in battle off Jutland, Denmark. British

lose fourteen war vessels and Germans

eleven. 9,500 lives lost.

June 4.-Russians under Brussiloff begin

new offensive, capture 13,000 Austrians

along 332 mile front.

June 5.-British cruiser Hampshire sunk

by mine off Orkney Islands on way to

Russia. Lord Kitchener, Secretary of

War, and entire staff, lost. Russians take

Lutsk and 15,000 Austrians.

June 7.-Germans occupy Fort Vaux, five

miles southeast of Verdun.

June 9.-Italian transport Principe Umberto sunk by submarine in Adriatic.

June 10.-Salandra Government resigns in

Italy. Dubno, with 35,000 Austrians,

captured by Russians.

June 12.-Germans penetrate advance positions, four miles from Verdun.

June 14.-Encounter between Russian and

German battleships in Baltic.

June 15.-French win back Le Mort Homme

and Cailette Wood. Boselli, new Italian

Premier, forms cabinet.

June 17.-Russians under General Lechitsky

capture Czernowitz.

June 18.-Radziviloff, twelve miles northeast of Brody, taken by Russians.

June 21.-Russians occupy Radautz.

June 24.-Victor Chapman, American aviator in France, killed while flying over

German lines.

June 28.-Germans remove 300,000 men

from Verdun front for service on the



June 29.-Sir Roger Casement is found

guilty of high treason, and sentenced to

die on August 3.

July 1.-Italians regain one-third of territory lost since May 13. Franco-British

offensive begins north and south of the

Somme River and French advance.

July 3.-Russian left wing advances to

within twenty miles of Lemberg.

July 7.-Russians begin offensive on Riga


July 8.-Allies abandon Declaration of

London and revert to blockade principles

as provided by international law.

July 9. - German merchant submarine

Deutschland arrives at Baltimore from


July 10.-French aeroplanes from Saloniki

raid Sofia and Monastir. English capture three towns and 6,000 prisoners on

the Somme.

July 15.-Cossacks cross Carpathians and

raid Hungary.

July 18.-England publishes names of

eighty-two firms as black list.

July 21.-British take two more towns on

the Somme.

July 25.-Crisis in British cabinet over provisional scheme for Home Rule in Ireland.

July 27.-U.S. protests against British

blacklist as illegal.

July 28.-Charles Fryatt, British sea captain, executed by Germans for trying to

ram a submarine in March, 1915. Russians capture Brody.

July 29.-French establish new line south

of Somme and bombard Peronne. German airships raid east coast of England.

Aug. 3.-Sir Roger Casement is hanged.

Aug. 4.-Turkish troops attack British positions in Egypt, but are repulsed with

heavy losses. French recapture Thiaumont.

Aug. 6.-British troops advance 500 yards

from Pozieres. Baron Wimborne appointed Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.

Aug. 7.-Turks recapture Bitlis in Asia

Minor from Russian troops. Austrian

aeroplanes raid Venice.