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Jan. 10.-Herbert Samuel, British Postmaster-General, succeeds Sir John Simon

as Home Secretary.

Jan. 11.-Austro-Germans capture Mont

Lovtchen, Montenegrin stronghold.

Jan. 12.-Austrians occupy Cetinje, capital

of Montenegro,

Jan. 16.-Russian army advances in Armenia.

Jan. 28.-Germans take line of trenches from

French, south of Somme River.

Jan. 29.-Zeppelins raid Paris and kill

twenty-three non-combatants.

Jan. 31.-Zeppelins raid English towns and

kill fifty-nine.

Feb. 1.-German prize crew bring to Hampton Roads British steamer Appam, captured by cruiser Moewe.

Feb. 16.-Russians capture Erzerum, a

Turkish fortress.

Feb. 17.-Franco-British forces complete

conquest of Kamerun, a German province

in Africa.

Feb. 20.-Zeppelin is brought down by

French near Revigny, France.

Feb. 21.-House of Commons vote war

credit of $2,100,000,000, bringing total

to $10,410,000,000. Crown Prince, with

army of 300,000, attacks French trenches

west of the Meuse.

Feb. 23.-Lord Robert Cecil appointed War

Trade Minister. Portugal seizes thirty-six German and Austrian interned Merchantmen.

Feb. 26.-Austrians occupy Durazzo, Albania evacuated by Italians.

Feb. 27.-Submarine sinks French transport

in Mediterranean with loss of 3,100.

Mar. 2.-Russians take Bitlis, fortified city

110 miles south of Erzerum.

Mar. 5.-Auxiliary cruiser Moewe returns to

Germany after capturing or destroying

fifteen allied vessels.

Mar. 6.-Germans capture Forges near

Verdun. British relief force reaches Essinn, seven miles from Kut-el-Amara.

Mar. 8.-Germany declares war on Portugal

for seizing interned ships.


Mar. 14.-Grand Admiral von Tirpitz resigns and is succeeded by Admiral von


Mar. 16.-General Gallieni is succeeded by

General Roques as French Minister of


Mar. 18.-Submarine sinks French destroyer

Renaudin in Adriatic.

Mar. 24.-British Channel steamer Sussex

torpedoed by German submarine.

Mar. 27.-British gain at St. Eloi, Belgium.

Mar. 28.-Allies hold war conference in

Paris for future conduct of war.

Mar. 30.-Germans capture Malancourt by

gigantic infantry assaults.

Mar. 31.-Germans take Vaux.

Apr. 5.-Germans seize Haucourt, west of

the Meuse.

Apr. 8.-French withdraw from Bethincourt.

Apr. 18.-Russian troops supported by

Black Sea fleet take Trebizond.

Apr. 22.-Sir Roger Casement is arrested

while attempting to land with German

arms in Ireland.

Apr. 24.-Revolt breaks out in Ireland.

Apr. 25.-German battle cruisers with submarines and Zeppelins attack English

towns northeast of London.

Apr. 28.-10,000 British troops besieged

for 143 days at Kut-el-Amara surrender

to Turks.

Apr. 30.-Germans make fierce but unsuccessful attacks against Dead Man's Hill,

west of the Meuse.

May 1.-Irish rebellion ends.

May 4.-Germany, under pressure from the

U. S. promises to observe international

law in regard to submarine warfare.

May 17.-Austrians in Lake Garda regions

cross Italian frontier.

May 20.-British army on Tigris is joined

by Russian Cossacks from Persian frontier.

May 22.-French recapture part of Fort


May 23.-House of Commons vote a

$1,500,000,000 war credit, bringing total

up to $11,910,000,000.