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Oct. 23.-Italian squadron helps Allies

bombard Bulgarian port of Dedeagatch

on Aegean Sea. Italian land forces resume strong offensive against Austro Hungarian lines.

Oct. 24.-Italians gain on entire front.

Russian naval forces bombard Courland


Oct. 25.-Germans lose stronghold of "La

Courtine" in Champagne. Germans advance in Serbia. Allied forces meet

Bulgars in southern Serbia. German

cruiser Prinz Adalbert sunk by British

submarine. Austrian air-men raid Venice.

Oct. 26.-Teutonic forces seize Valjevo and

Petrovac. Bulgars are defeated by Allied

forces near Strumitza.

Oct. 27.-Teuton forces join Bulgars on

Danube, open way to Turkey. French

gain in Arras. Germans pierce Russian

line at Dvinsk.

Oct. 28.-French cabinet, headed by Viviani,

resigns in body. Briand appointed Premier

by President Poincare.

Oct. 29.-Briand names new cabinet.

Nov. 1.-Germans take Kraguyevatz, and

capture Serbia's largest arsenal.

Nov. 3.-Bulgars and Germans gain in

Serbia. Uzice captured by Germans.

Nov. 4.-Greek cabinet resigns after Premier

Zaimis loses in Parliament. Bulgars within six miles of Nish. Germans win back

Dvinsk position.

Nov. 5.-Greek King ignores war party.

Teutons drive Serbs back in north and

Bulgars beat French forces in south.

Nov. 6.-Nish, the former capital of Serbia,

captured by the Bulgarians.

Nov. 7.-Teutons drive Russians back

across Stripa River. Teutons retake

trenches on western front.

Nov. 8.-M. Skouloudis appointed Greek

Premier. Germans and Bulgars close in

on Serbia.

Nov. 9.-Serious revolts reported in India.

Lord Kitchener said to have been sent to

quell rebels. French gain on west front

after severe attacks. Italy to send

troops to Serbia through Albania.


Nov. 10.-Italian liner Ancona sunk by

Austrian submarine. Over 200 persons

missing. British renew attacks near Loos.

Russians lose near Riga.

Nov. 12.-Greek Chamber dissolved.

Nov. 14.-Russians driven back across the

Styr after prolonged fighting.

Nov. 22.-Anglo-Indian troops rout Turks

at Ctesiphon, near Bagdad, but are

obliged to retreat.

Nov. 23.-Bulgarians capture Mitrovitsa

and Pristina.

Nov. 28.-British aeroplane destroys German submarine off Middlekirke.

Nov. 30.-Prisrend taken, opening up railway between Constantinople and Berlin

via Vienna, Belgrade and Sofia.

Dec. 2.-British withdraw 70,000 troops

from Gallipoli. Russians advance on

Teheran, Persia. General Joffre made

supreme commander of French armies.

Dec. 6.-U. S. sends note to Austria-Hungary demanding disavowal for sinking

the Ancona.

Dec. 8.-Austrians force Serbian army in

north through Montenegro. British army

under General Townshend retreats to


Dec. II.-Turkish forces besiege Kut-el-Amara.

Dec. 15.-General Sir Douglas Haig succeeds Sir John French as commander-in-chief of British forces in France and


Dec. 21.-Reichstag votes German war

credit of $2,500,000,000.

Dec. 28.-Germans lose line of trenches to

French in Alsace.

Dec. 30.-Italian fleet defeats Austrian

squadron off Durazzo and sinks two ships.

Austria-Hungary disavows sinking of



Jan. 4.-U. S. protests British interference

with mails.

Jan. 9.--Remainder of British force leaves